Pennsylvania Cocktails-To-Go Guidelines

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Gov. Wolf signed HB 327 allowing licensed hotels and restaurants to start selling mixed drinks-to-go, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.  Here are some important parameters to be aware of:

  1. Mixed drinks can be sold from 7am – 11pm, daily (Sundays only with a Sunday Sales Permit).
  2. The mixed drink must be sold in a container with a secure lid.  If there is a hole for a straw or for drinking directly from the secured container, that hole must be covered with tape/seal.
  3. The mixed drink must be at least 4 fluid ounces but not greater than 64 fluid ounces.  It must be a mixture of spirits and mixers that are combined on the licensed premises (i.e. they cannot be premade cocktails that are purchased through the PLCB).
  4. The licensed establishment can only sell up to 64 fluid ounces in a single transaction.
  5. The licensed establishment must offer prepared meals-to-go (although the sale of a prepared meal is not required to sell a mixed drink).
  6. Within 60 days, licensed restaurants and/or hotels that are allowing consumers to buy mixed drinks to-go must purchase a transaction scan device and utilize this device when the consumer appears to be under the age of 35.
  7. A warning sign must be posted at the establishment. Please let us know if you need an example.   

Please note that these sales only apply to licensed restaurants and hotels that have lost more than 25% of its average total monthly sales (including alcohol) due to COVID-19. Further, this only remains in effect until the licensed restaurant/hotel can operate at 60% or when PA declares that the state of disaster emergency has ended. 

Please click here for the PLCB’s issued guidelines: