RJ regularly advises clients on complex national licensing issues arising from mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring. He also provides general licensing counsel, oversees litigation, citations and hearings, and assists clients in complying with tied house and trade practice laws.

His practice also involves advising clients on the legality of national beverage alcohol promotions and marketing and conducting seminars for industry members regarding liquor liability and related restaurant and beverage alcohol management issues.

RJ is Co-Chair of the ABA Alcohol Beverage Subcommittee and a founding member of the Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys & Consultants, a group of professionals whose practices are focused in the alcohol beverage industry.

Recent Experience

  • Fogo de Chao in its acquisition by Rhone Capital
  • KKR & Co. in its strategic investment in Lemonade Restaurant Group
  • Foreign pension investment manager in its bid for European brewery assets to be sold by Anheuser-Busch InBev NV
  • Golden Gate Capital in its restructuring of Red Lobster restaurants

Bar Admissions



University of Dayton, JD

  • cum laude
  • Articles Editor, Law Review

University of Dayton, BA


  • Moderator: “Let’s Get Crafty”
    NCSLA Regional Conference – Atlantic City, NJ – 9/2018
  • Moderator: “The Future of Craft Beer – Can the Explosive Growth of Craft Beer Be Sustained, or Are We Approaching Peak Craft Beer?”
    NCSLA Regional Conference – Traverse City, MI – 10/2016
  • Panelist: “The Stills are Coming – Small Craft Distilling, Craft or Artisan Distillers, Emerging Industry Trends that Regulators Will Have to Deal With”
    NCSLA Regional Conference – Kansas City, MO – 10/2008
  • Moderator: “Legal Cannabis & Alcohol, Synergy or Discord?”
    NCSLA Annual Conference – Waikoloa, HI – 6/2018
  • Moderator: “Should Marijuana Be Regulated Like Alcohol?”
    NCSLA Regional Conference – Austin, TX – 9/2016
  • Moderator: “Prepare to Board the Cannabis Rocket Ship”
    NCSLA Annual Conference – San Diego, CA – 6/2015
  • “Regulating Marijuana Like Alcohol?! The Saga Continues”
    NABCA Annual Legal Symposium on Alcohol Beverage Law & Regulation – Alexandria, VA – 3/2015
  • Moderator: Legalization of Marijuana Panel
    NALCP Annual Conference – Indianapolis, IN – 10/2014
  • “Suds in the City: PA Beer Laws”
    Duquesne Club Liquor Law Presentation – Pittsburgh, PA – 4/2018
  • “The Licensing Process: How to Obtain a Restaurant License to Sell Beer and Wine in Your Stores”
    PFMA (PA Food Merchants Association) Annual Conference – Hershey, PA – 5/2017
  • “Obtaining Liquor Licenses for Convenience Stores”
    Convenience Store Dealer Association Presentation – Cranberry, PA – 4/2017
  • Panelist: Wine Summit Panel
    PFMA (PA Food Merchants Association) Legislative Conference – Harrisburg, PA – 10/2016
  • “Beer in Your Store: A Step-by-Step Guide”
    PFMA (PA Food Merchants Association) online webinar – 5/2016
  • “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Liquor Law in PA… But Were Too Sober to Ask”
    Paralegal / Legal Assistant Forum – Philadelphia, PA – 10/2013
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    NCSLA Annual Conference – Denver, CO – 6/2017
  • Moderator: “When Innovation Meets Regulation”
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  • Moderator: “Ask the Regulator” Panel
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    NALCP Annual Conference – Austin, TX – 10/2015
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  • “Keeping in Compliance in an Evolving e-Storage e-World”
    NALCP Annual Conference – Las Vegas, NV – 10/2012
  • Moderator: “Mobile Delivery Apps – An Overview of What They Are, How They Do What They Promise & The Issues They May Present for Regulators”
    NCSLA Regional Conference – Baltimore, MD – 10/2015
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  • Moderator: “Internet Direct Ship – The Next Generation”
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  • Alcohol Service Awareness Overview Presentation
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