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Consignment Sales Result in Multiple Permit Suspensions

In News by Flaherty & O'Hara

Well over a year ago the TTB received a two-year, multi-million dollar budget to conduct Tied House / Trade Practice investigations.

Last week, after being out of operation for almost two months as a result of the government shutdown, the TTB flexed a little muscle in California, but suspending / penalizing several California wineries and wholesalers for illegal consignment sales.

The TTB conducted its investigation into unlawful consignment sales in California with the cooperation of the California ABC.

The TTB is also conducting similar investigations in other states. Under normal circumstances, TTB investigations are being conducted with cooperation of state enforcement authorities. Subpoenas for records and other investigative tools are being employed in at least some of these ongoing TTB Tied House / Trade Practice investigations.

We expect the TTB to pursue further penalties in its other investigations.

Stay tuned.

Read the full news release here.